Election day is tomorrow and it’s getting close. The latest polls are showing President Barack Obama tied 49%-49% with Romney.  Let’s look back at some reasons Romney is not a good choice for representing our country.

 Obamacare flip-flop.

He recently stated in an interview the he “is not getting rid of all health reform [that the Affordable Care Act enacts].” The Affordable Care Act has a ban on discriminating against people with pre-existing insurance. He condoned that ban in the interview, yet in an update later that night, one of his aides stated “he does not support that part of the law.” One of Romney’s main platforms is to get rid of Obamacare, but he flip-flops on this issue as he does on his opinions on gun control. Romney has a history of not being real clear on what his plan is for anything.

 Gay people are not allowed to marry.

Mitt Romney believes, “marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman and I have been rock solid in my support of traditional marriage.” But the sanctity of marriage is no longer sacred, with the divorce rates being 50% for first marriages.

Poor people should NOT go or be given the opportunity to go to college.

Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan has proposed a budget that would eliminate $170 billion from Pell grants. Pell grants allow low-income students to receive funding for college without repayment. This budget cut would possibly effect 1 million students if passed.

Let’s take some federal funding away from schools.

Romney’s plan involving disabled students could possibly eliminate programs like Title I in public schools. Funding for these types of programs is already dwindling. If this law were enacted, it may leave public schools without the resources to provide for the students who did not qualify for their school of choice. This leaves more families having no where to send their kids while they work and once again, takes away from Education. Romney is clearly saying that education should only be for the rich.

More attacks on the Education Funding

Romney’s  attack on PBS and Big Bird  is another way of saying that his first cut will be on Education. This follows the Republicans trying to cut the Pre-K programs in states in 2011.

Women have no choice over their own bodies.

Romney opposes abortion except in case of rape, incest, or harm to the child or mother. He wants to limit women’s rights on the choice to abortion. Abortion has always been a highly contested issue between the Republicans and the Democrats, but women should have the choice. It does not matter what one’s religious beliefs are, it’s the fact that the establishment may govern that choice.

Romney has not been very upfront and honest.

He used the Mormon church as a loophole to defer his taxes for 15 years? -WOW – and now it is being reported that he has been lying about his profits from the auto bailout and hid them in his wife’s name. What else is he hiding and lying about?

Maybe Romney needs to be Kanyed!


Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Please get out and exercise your right to vote!